Why Know Thyself Coaching

Why Become NLP Certified With our Coaching Institute

Our Coaching Institute's Message

Thank you for inviting us into your world! And thank you for coming into ours!

We would love to be your partner on your journey towards our magical future. Yes, OUR magical future – because we truly believe, deep in our heart of hearts, that we only rise, when we lift others up.

We ask you – What would it be like to find the right self-development and personal empowerment institute that co-creates your journey with you? Wouldn’t you select one that is an expert in this field? And how pleasantly surprised would you be to know that, the fact you are reading this means that you’re at the right place and no longer have to search, because your partner is here.

We will go as far as to say that KNOW THYSELF COACHING INSTITUTE is one of a kind institute (YES! Really it is one of a kind), crafted with passion, energy and love. The passion for success and growth. The energy of enthusiasm and moving forward, and the love for fulfillment and living full.

No matter what you do, our certified programmes are crafted for anyone who is eager, keen and ambitious to explore new chapters in their lives and construct an enhanced, empowered, new version of themselves. This is a place where you will find all the true gems that you need to learn, grow and become even more successful as a professional, a coach and a human.

Why Choose our NLP Coaching Classes?

Our Vision

To create a world where emotional intelligence is the new currency of knowledge.

Our Mission

As the best NLP Coaching Institute in Dubai, our mission is to provide people with the right personal development tools and skillsets to empower every single day of their lives.

When we find something that is empowering, beautiful and has so much value, we share it with the world so that others also find what we found. That’s our WHY.

It doesn’t stop here. Our WHY extends further than that – “We imagine a world, where the vast majority of people wake up every single morning, emotionally intelligent, empowered & inspired to make a difference and extending a hand to others so they also can explore the same for themselves”.

Who is KNOW THYSELF Coaching Institute?

Using cutting edge approaches to integrative coaching, we empower our clients to improve their energy, mindset, emotional intelligence and action plans. KNOW THYSELF COACHING INSTITUTE is a leading expert in the field of personal empowerment, integrative energy & holistic healing methods which include Life Coach Training, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Empowerment Techniques, Hypnosis and Mental Emotion Release Therapy (MER®).​ We are the best NLP coaching institute in Dubai.

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