Empowering Leadership Programme


Empowering Leadership Programme

Today, true leaders are those that have power with people, not power over people. The Empowering Leadership Program propels participants into heightened personal and professional effectiveness by uncovering and deepening their natural leadership strengths. As a result, it enhances participants’ ability to reach their full potential and empower others to do the same.

Our definition of leadership is different from the traditional one. We don’t believe leadership is for a select few people in roles of authority. And we don’t believe leaders have all the answers and make all the decisions.
In fact, we strongly believe that top-down approaches to leadership need to be replaced with Everyone has the innate capacity to be a great leader, regardless of their role or title.

Being a great leader is possible in every moment of your life. Leadership happens in every moment of every day.
At KTCI, since we assume everyone is a leader, our leadership development programs are designed to call you forth and support you to inhabit your inherent leadership by first taking ownership of yourself and your world.

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What you will learn from this 10–Day–Programme:



  • Your leadership type
  • Group dynamics and how to lead a group
  • Utilizing & controlling energy in the room and gain group rapport
  • Using language patterns, nested loops, and multiple embedded metaphors
  • Demonstrating content as you present
  • Giving effective feedback
  • Unconscious communication through language and physiology
  • Creating effective stage and spatial anchors
  • How to present on stage, online and through media
  • Understanding learning & training styles
  • Creating moment-to-moment state control in yourself & your audience
  • Integrating any content into a flawless format for effective presentations every time
  • The business of training & how to create a successful training
  • Utilizing and handling objections, questions, and “hecklers”