5 keys to become the best Life Coach

Are you dreaming to become a life coach? Now, you can achieve your dream. Even better! You will be the best life coach ever.

“You can do what you have to do, and sometimes you can do it even better than you think you can.” – Jimmy Carter

Let’s talk about the 5 keys to start and succeed in your career as a life coach. You will be impressed by how this can make you organize your thoughts and put an action plan to achieve your dream.

5 keys to become the best life coach

1. Life Coaching Reviews:

Before thinking to become a life coach, you must do you homework first. Find people who already had previous experience with life coaches, and speak to them. Do online research about people reviews towards life coaches, and check people’s testimonials. This will help you know what people most appreciate about life coaches and what they don’t.

By listening to testimonials, you will be aware of the right behavior you should adopt to be the right person to whom those people will go to.

Here are some Life Coaching Testimonials of people who were coached by Makram, the most appreciated life coach in Dubai.

2. Self-Development:

Being a life coach leads you to work on and with people, which means that you need to work on yourself at the first place. Train yourself, improve your personality, take control of your emotions.

To be the best life coach, you have to succeed in your self-development to be an influencer in your field (e.g.: no one will hire a fat sports coach!).

5 keys to become the best life coach - Self-development

3. Resilience and Agility:

To become a highly-skilled life coach, you have to change your own lifestyle and mindset. But you need to know that this can’t be done within a few days or weeks. It’s a major change that will take years of practice. You have to be resilient and flexible.

5 keys to become the best life coach - Being Resilient

4. Friendly and Communicative Life Coach:

As a life coach, you will be working with your clients to create action plans for their personal and professional lives. You will help them to change and improve themselves using the right words and behavior. People are always looking for a friendly person to talk to about their problems and concerns.

Therefore, you have to be the right person for this job. You need to attract people’s attention in a smart way, being friendly, communicative and charismatic to make them feel comfortable talking to you about their personal concerns.

5 keys to become the best life coach - Being Friendly

5. Life Coach Training Certification:

To guide people in their lives, and help them identify their thoughts and emotions to proceed with the right actions, you need to acquire efficient coaching tools and techniques and NLP training skills.

Hence, to start your career as a life coach you need to enroll to a life coach and NLP training and get a globally recognized certification, approved by the specialized authorities for example ICF.

A certification is an accredited way to recognize your skills and earn your prospect’s trust. You absolutely need it!

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